What is the Old 96 District?

Why is it called the Old 96 District?

There are many legends and explanations about the origin of the Old 96 District name. Our favorite response is that our region was named after a judicial district dating back to the Colonial era when law and order came to the South Carolina backcountry. This area was 96 miles down the Cherokee Path from Keowee, a major Cherokee town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Another popular explanation is that nine creeks flow north and south and six creeks flow east and west from Keowee to Ninety Six.
The most romantic legend is derived from folklore regarding the love of an Indian handmaiden for a certain soldier who, upon hearing of a Cherokee uprising against the Ninety Six settlement, traveled from Keowee to Ninety Six to warn him thus saving many lives.

Where is the district located?

Nestled in the Upper Western section of South Carolina, the Old 96 District is home to amazing outdoor adventures, a haven for history buffs and the location of the most remarkable attractions and places of interest. Come see our miles and miles of hiking, biking and walking trails. Or paddleboard across one of our pristine freshwater lakes. Visit our communities that are steeped in small town charm! Old 96 District Tourism is one of 11 regions across South Carolina that promote their respective counties, towns and attractions. Contact us at info@sctravelold96.com or 864-984-2233. Look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.