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Experience History & Heritage In south Carolina’s Old 96 District

If history and heritage are your thing, or you simply want to experience life as it used to be and learn more about your roots, it’s time to plan a History & Heritage excursion to South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast and the Old 96 District.  Our area boasts miles and miles of shoreline, state parks, and opportunities for adventure, but the hidden gem just may lie in the history of these five counties in South Carolina. 


Begin your day on the SC Freshwater Coast by exploring the site of the first Southern land battle of the Revolutionary War. You’ll find this at the Ninety Six National Historic Site in Ninety Six, SC. You’ll learn how early settlers in the 18th century found a way to survive in South Carolina, which was at the time considered harsh backcountry. On this site, battles erupted between Cherokee Indians and settlers, both sides fighting for their land. Walk where two towns and a major trading post were built, only to be later abandoned due to the harsh elements. The park is open daily, dusk to dawn, and admission is free. There is a visitor center on site open Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-4pm. 

After experiencing Revolutionary War history, head to historic Abbeville to experience Southern charm at its finest and learn why South Carolina is no longer the harsh backcountry. This quaint Southern town boasts historic churches and friendly shopkeepers and restaurants that are certain to help brighten your day exploring South Carolina’s Old 96 District. Visit Trinity Episcopal Church on the end of Trinity Street, just off Abbeville’s Town Square


You’ll also experience war history in Abbeville, which is commonly known as the birthplace and deathbed of the Confederacy. The Burt Stark House, located at the intersection of North Main and Greenville Streets, was the site of the final meeting of the Confederate Council of War. The house is open Friday and Saturdays, 1:30pm-4:30pm and for groups by appointment. 


Continue your historic tour of South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast by visiting Edgefield, South Carolina, the home of ten of the State’s Governors. Here, you’ll find Southern heritage like no other in one of the most historic and notable cemeteries in the South, Willowbrook. The oldest marked grave belongs to Pierre LaBorde who died in 1820. There are also soldiers from the American Revolution, War of 1812, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII and many others. Even United States Senator Strom Thurmond is buried in this historic cemetery. 


Travel into Laurens County and head for Musgrove Mill State Historic Site located in Clinton, South Carolina. Musgrove Mill is the site of a key battle involving Patriot solders in the Revolutionary War. The historic site is part of a state park and features hiking trails and endless opportunities to enjoy the beautiful South Carolina weather as you experience our history and heritage. 


Make the last stop on your SC Freshwater Coast history and heritage tour the richest one by exploring the gold mines at Heritage Gold Mine Park in McCormick, South Carolina. The town of McCormick was named after one of the inventors of the reaper, Cyrus McCormick. McCormick had purchased one of the gold mines in the town and eventually sold it to Billie Dorn. The mine was later closed. The Dorn mill is said to have been one of the richest gold mines in the nation at one time.  Admission to the park is free, and mining for gold is available for a small fee.


Whether it’s history, Southern charm, or the pursuit of golden riches, South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast has it all. We can’t wait to welcome you!