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The development of railroads was one of the most important phenomena of the Industrial Revolution. With their formation, construction and operation, they brought profound social, economic and political change to our country. Like many small communities across America, the Old 96 District was greatly influenced by the railroad. The District has two particularly interesting sites and attractions that pay homage to the famous trains and cabooses during that time in history.

  • In Greenwood, SC, the Railroad Historical Center has six train cars and the Rockton-Rion Locomotive on their grounds. Major renovations have taken place and the center will unveil their masterpiece in April 2016. Adults and children will be able to walk through the trains and relive a time that changed our country.
  • The McGowan-Barksdale-Bundy House backyard in Abbeville, SC, is where you will find a CSX caboose that has been refurbished. From 1963 to 1997 this caboose worked in turn-around freight service for Seaboard Coastline Railroad between Richmond, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia. Later, Caboose No. 5759 services extended as far south as Miami, FL. This ultramodern caboose featured electrical work, lights and even had toilet facilities.

Interested in learning about and understanding the struggle for civil rights in the American South? Then consider a visit to the Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Historical Preservation Site. It is the home of Dr. Mays, one of the nation’s most influential civil rights leaders and a man frequently referred to as the “Father of the Civil Rights Movement.” Tour Dr. Mays childhood home and learn about the remarkable man that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called “my greatest mentor”.

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