Cokesbury College

Cokesbury College

Cokesbury College was established in 1854. The college and the surrounding Cokesbury community– represent an extraordinary glimpse at an early planned utopian community committed to innovative education for young men, young women and for emancipated slaves. At its peak, it was a thriving hub of education for the entire state, and many influential South Carolinians called it home. The story of Cokesbury began when visionaries in the Tabernacle Community decided to build a new school. After much deliberation, a public meeting was held on July 4, 1824 to promote the idea of developing a new village around the new school’s location. Cokesbury College is on the National Register of Historic Places, is a Methodist #2 Historic Site, and won the Greenwood County Architectural and Historic Preservation Award.

By appointment April – November.


210 College Drive, Hodges, SC 29653