Turkey/Wine Creek Trails (Sumter National Forest)

Turkey/Wine Creek Trails (Sumter National Forest)

Hiking and mountain biking trails are one linear trail. At the south end, Turkey Creek is one of the most popular MTB trails in the area. It starts at Key Bridge and is a little more than 7 miles of singletrack to a gravel cul-de-sac (FS 617A). It is relatively flat but does offer a few technical challenges. Generally it is easier than other trails in the area. Note: It is not a loop. Also starting at Key Bridge but traveling North is Wine Creek Trail, a much less traveled trail. Wine Creek is 5 miles long, all singletrack, ending at Hwy 283. Wine Creek shares the same traits as Turkey Creek: flat, fast, a few technical challenges, beautiful scenery…but several drawbacks. In the 5 miles, it has 22 bridges, some completely washed away. Best to ride in the Fall or early Spring. This trail can also be accessed from SC283 and ridden the opposite way to Key Bridge. Directions to Key Bridge from McCormick: Take SC28/US221 South to Plum Branch. Left onto SC283. Go about 3.5 miles, turn right onto Key Road (SC138). Trailhead is 4 miles on the right before bridge. Directions to Wine Creek from McCormick: Take SC28/Us221 South to Plum Branch. Left on Rt. 283. Park at trailhead on right after you cross Wine Creek.


Turkey Creek/Wine Creek Trails