Horn Creek Trail (Sumter National Forest)

Horn Creek Trail (Sumter National Forest)

TRAILHEAD: 33.72630, -82.03950
5.7 mile

An excellent ride on a well-built trail with diverse terrain along the way, including views from atop a ridge and long stretches paralleling Horn Creek. It’s worth the occasional dismount to take in the scenery of Piedmont azalea and mountain laurel that line the steep banks of Lick Fork Creek.

Officially, it starts within Lick Fork Recreation Area. There is a secondary trailhead (which the Forest Service calls the “Winter Trailhead”) on an unpaved road, FR 634. This loop is one of the most popular trails in the area. It starts at the cul-de-sac below the campground and is great to ride in either direction. It is easier than Modoc, but offers more climbing than Turkey Creek. The trail crosses five service roads, offering a bail out, or an adventure into the maze of fire roads in the area. Most of these are dead ends or lead you out of the forest onto pavement.


Horn Creek Trail