Cedar Bluff Trail (Calhoun Falls State Park)

Cedar Bluff Trail (Calhoun Falls State Park)

TRAILHEAD: 34.10798, -82.62623 (day use area access)
Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 1.5 mile loop

This loop trail begins at a high point where puffy deer moss sit in clusters on a base of pine straw amid a forest of pines and cedars. In this quiet place, the swoop of the footpath curving down into deciduous forest where a cove of Lake Russell is visible. Humidity nourishes the rampant growth of mosses and lichens on treetrunks, and the ooze of fungi from rotting logs. Yellow buckeye tosses its blooms in the breeze. This natural, rugged hiking trail is in Calhoun Falls State Park.


Cedar Bluff Trail


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