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South Carolina is the 2nd largest producer of peaches in the United States.


South Carolina ranks #2 in peach production in the United States, second only to California. Edgefield County, in the heart of the Old 96 District, is considered “The Peach Capital of the World”. This region produces 60 percent of South Carolina’s peaches. Peaches have been an important commercial crop in South Carolina dating all the way back to the mid 1800’s. The industry began to take off with the introduction of the railroad. Packing sheds were built right along the railway so that rail cars could easily load the peaches up and ship them long distances before highways were even developed. South Carolina is now the number 2 producing state in the United States and the top state east of the Mississippi. Here are interesting facts:
  • 1984 – The year the peach became South Carolina’s official state fruit.
  • 1870s Colonel R.B. Watson, South Carolina’s first Commissioner of Agriculture, becomes the first commercial peach producer to ship peaches out-of-the-state.
  • 80% of a peach is composed of water.
  • South Carolina’s peach industry grosses approximately $50-million annually.
  • August 22nd – National Eat A Peach Day!
  • Top Producer – Titan Farms in Edgefield County, S.C., was named the 2017 Top Producer of the Year award by AgDay. Titan Farms is second largest peach producer in the U.S.

South Carolina is often referred to as the “Tastier Peach State”. The Palmetto State’s slightly acidic soils, hot days, and humid nights enable peach growers to offer consumers peaches ripened by Mother Nature and packed with nutrients and flavor. During National Peach Month be sure to visit a farmer’s market, roadside stand or peach farm in the Old 96 District for fresh South Carolina peaches!


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July 24, 2017
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