Savannah Valley Railroad Trail

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TRAILHEADS: 33.92296, -82.34205 (Brown Trailhead); 33.92307, -82.37315 (Badwell Cemetery)
ACCESS POINTS: 33.92231, -82.41237 (Huguenot Parkway); 33.92818, -82.42214 (SC 7)
5.5 miles 

For a ride through regional history, the Savannah Valley Railroad Trail leads visitors past and to historic sites surrounding New Bordeaux, the French settlement of 1764. Presently this trail can only be hiked or ridden between the Brown Trailhead on Barksdale Ferry Road and the trestle bridge (not safe to cross) within sight of SC 7.  Most of the area can be covered  by bike, foot, and car, visiting the historic sites along the way.

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Old 96 District
November 1, 2018
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