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quilt trailExactly what is a “quilt trail?” It is simply any number of quilt panels strewn across the towns and/or countryside, coaxing the viewers from one to the next. They may pay tribute to individuals or honor an organization. But they all accomplish the same things–they enhance the environment and add to the viewer’s pleasure. Currently, a nation-wide quilt trail covers all but one or two states. Quilt Trails actually had their “birth” in Ohio, in the early 2000’s.

A woman wanted to honor her quilting grandmother from the Appalachia region. She literally painted the chosen design on her barn. Others saw it and created their versions of the idea. By early 2014, quilt trails could be found in every state in the Union. Established in 2011, the McCormick County Quilt Trail Project is intentional and purposeful. The physical trail throughout McCormick County honors the past, enriches the present, and influences the future. The designs are usually taken from an existing quilt that has an intriguing story or history attached to it. www.quilttrailmccormickcountysc.com

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October 20, 2014
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