Moonshine and Craft Beer on SC’s Freshwater Coast

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carolina-6Moonshine and craft beer. It seems those are common words today! When we think of the best of South Carolina and Old 96 District, a lot of images come to mind. Football, hiking Cedar Bluff Trail at Calhoun Falls State Park, sweet tea, touring Ninety-Six National Historic Site, kayaking on Lake Thurmond and moonshine. In fact, South Carolina has a long history with moonshine. We also have a rich history with another tasty beverage, craft beer. South Carolinians love a smooth hooch or a refreshing brew. Old 96 District is celebrating the legacy of these alcohol artisans this fall. Stay in the Old 96 District to quench your thirst for these luscious libations.
Moonshine in South Carolina goes back as far as 1791. President George Washington taxed Whiskey. Farmers in remote areas of the state distilled the wheat they could not get to market. The Whiskey tax came and went, and came back in a big way in the 1900’s with prohibition. In the 1950s moonshining was quite prevalent in the south. In the decade of 1954 to 1964 thousands of stills were destroyed by federal agents in South Carolina. In 2009, South Carolina passed a law making micro-distilleries legal in South Carolina. Today, the resurgence of moonshine has sparked a craze of craft distilleries across the state.
The popularity of craft brewing goes back to the 1970’s. It was a resurgence of the masterful techniques of European breweries that had disappeared in the U.S. People were dissatisfied with weak, pale light brews and craved the deep rich brews of their ancestors. Home breweries started cropping up all over the country. As home breweries increased, more and more South Carolinians were introduced to the flavor and traditions of craft beer. Craft Brewers in South Carolina have succeeded in establishing high levels of quality, consistency and innovation, expanding the minds of the beer consumers and creating one of the most diverse brewing cultures in the world.
Sip some 80 proof or enjoy a micro-brew lager in Old 96 District and sleep like a baby in one of many brand hotels, our B&Bs and Inns.

Here is a list of where you can find our fine craft beer and moonshine!
Good Times Brewing– 323 Maxwell Ave. Greenwood, SC 29646
Carolina Moon Distillery -116 Court House Square, Edgefield, SC 29824
Tinker’s Alley – 104 E. Pickens St. Abbeville, SC 29620
Red Barn Likker -101 Court Square 2 Abbeville, SC 29620
Natty’s on Trinity – 151 Trinity St. Abbeville, SC 29620

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July 21, 2018
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