Memorial Day Reminds Us to Spend Time on an American Revolutionary War Battlefield

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This is an excerpt written by Dawn Weaver, Park Manager at Musgrove Mill Historic State Park in Clinton, SC, about Musgrove Mill State Historic Park.  This was written on May 28, 2018, to honor the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives, so we could be free. With Dawn’s permission, we reprint this article.

I spend a lot of time roaming an American Revolutionary War Battlefield. My job is to protect and preserve and to interpret (educate) an American Revolutionary War Battlefield. I am bound to uphold honor and respect for those who fought for what they believed in during the conflict which had an outcome that made us free Americans.
Let that sink in. Read it again, perhaps. Soldiers died for you and me to be Americans. They died at this very place where I am privileged to work every single day. They died here where you can come to honor and respect and learn about these people.
They were wounded … their blood poured onto the ground where we walk each day… where now you may come and hear the story and pause and reflect on how your life is different today because of their sacrifice.
It does not matter for which side they fought. They died for that which they believed in and the result is that you are an American.  We have just celebrated Memorial Day. Memorial Day honors all who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. Please, please be thoughtful and mindful of that which we honor and remember them not just on Memorial Day each year.
There are battlefields. Go to one to walk silently and remember these folks who died for our freedom.
There are cemeteries full of gravestones and flags. You have seen them. Stop and read the names and the war in which they sacrificed. Stop not only on Memorial Day, but each day to give thanks for the country we live in called the United States of America.  Fly the American flag as a proud symbol of who we are as Americans.

How will you honor the sacrifice of those who gave us freedom?

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May 28, 2018
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