McGowan-Barksdale Bundy House in Abbeville

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McGowan-Barksdale Bundy House in AbbevilleKnown as the birthplace and deathbed of the Confederacy, Abbeville County is chock full of historically preserved places that can spark the imagination all the way back through time.

The McGowan-Barksdale-Bundy House, designed by Atlanta architect G.L. Norman, is an excellent example of the Queen Anne Style, characterized by towers, turrets, multi-faceted roofs, and the utilization of windows in different sizes and shapes and the use of various textures in exterior materials. General Samuel McGowan purchased the original home before it burned down in 1887 and then General Barksdale acquired the home later. The McGowan-Barksdale-Bundy House is often referred to locally as the “General’s House” because two of the principal owners were Generals–Confederate Brigadier General Samuel McGowan and WWII General William E. Barksdale. General Barksdale sold it to his nephew, J.D. Bundy of Monroe, North Carolina and Mr. Bundy deeded the home to the Abbeville Historical Society in 1989. Now this stately home serves as the headquarters for the Abbeville Historical Society and offers tours to the public on Saturdays. Call 864366-4600 to schedule a tour or check them out online at

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June 10, 2015
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