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It may be hard to believe right now, with the East Coast’s bomb cyclone still fresh in our minds, but, warmer weather is not far away. As you spend time inside planning your approach to conquer your New Year’s resolutions, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan a weekend getaway. Travel to South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast for a weekend getaway, and spend time hiking some of the most advanced trails in the state of South Carolina. 

Hiking is an accessible and economical outdoor activity for anyone desiring to spend more time outdoors. All you’ll need is a well made, properly fitting pair of boots, a pack to carry your essentials, knowledge of trail navigation, and a sense of adventure. South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast includes some of the state’s best trails, and even features the Palmetto Trail as it passes through our area. Avid and experienced hikers will find trails to suit their skill level and desired degree of difficulty.

Horn Creek Trail in Sumter National Forest, situated in Edgefield County, is one of the most popular hiking trails in our area. It features a 5.7 mile loop with some climbing. You can begin the trail in either direction on the loop. Depending on your pace, this trail provides a nice beginning to tackle when you arrive in the area for your weekend of hiking. Spend the night at a local Bed and Breakfast, fuel up, then set out for your longest day on the trails, and hike Long Cane Horse Trail, also in Sumter National Forest but situated in Greenwood County. Long Cane is over 23 miles in length, features varied terrain, and has multiple access points. Your best bet is to pick up the trail at Fell Hunt Camp and spend your Saturday exploring all this extensive trail has to offer. You’ll have worked up an appetite, and local pizza and brews will nourish you after a day on the trail. Rest up Saturday night, and get ready for one last short hike on Sunday before heading home. Tackle the Stevens Creek / Modoc Trail to round out your weekend hiking adventure on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast. The linear trail is not a loop, so you’ll be able to turn around when you’re ready and head home.

Whether you are new to hiking and want to challenge yourself in the new year, or a seasoned explorer, you’ll find what you are seeking on the trails of South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast. Plan your trip now and prepare for a weekend of outdoor adventure in an area often referred to as the untouched old South. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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January 9, 2018
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