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The US is a relatively young nation, and much of the architecture you’ll find around the country is too. It’s rare to find an intact building more than about 150 years old. Early settlers built farms, with the intention of improving their living quarters as time and money permitted. Most people stayed close to home their entire lives. As the US population grew and railroads constructed more extensive lines, more people migrated to towns and cities, leaving their original homesteads to fall into disrepair and eventually disintegrate completely. But, the town of Gray Court in Laurens County was blessed with a small dedicated band of historic preservationists who worked diligently to save and protect a number of buildings from the surrounding area, including a blockhouse dating from about 1750 and a corn crib built around 1890. The resulting conglomeration isn’t intended to be a cohesive representation of a specific era, but rather an overview illustrating everyday life in the region before the age of motor cars, televisions and computers. What you’ll see here is not fancy, plantation-style history, but rather quaint tiny log cabins, a bare-bones one room schoolhouse and utilitarian Presbyterian Church buildings. These structures were lived in, worked in and prayed in by average people. For more information,call 800-849-9633.

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March 17, 2016
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