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Ten Facts You Might Not Know About Peaches

  1.  South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia, producing the most peaches in the USA outside of California.
  2.  60% of South Carolina’s peaches are grown in the Old 96 District. Titan Farms in Edgefield is the largest peach grower on the East Coast; they have over 6,200 acres of peaches in production.
  3. All peaches are native to China, where the only wild peaches still grow today
  4. Documentation of the first cultivated peach was recorded  by Chinese in 10th Century.
  5. The peach is closely related to almonds, cherries and plums.
  6. A peach tree can grow from 13 to 33 feet in height.
  7. Flowers appear on the tree before leaves. They consist of 5 pink petals.
  8. Peaches are rich source of vitamin C, A and E.
  9.  First fruit will appear on the peach tree after 3 years. This plant usually lives around 12 years.
  10. It was early American Indian tribes who spread the peach tree across our country, taking seeds with them and planting them.
  11. Today, peaches are grown commercially in California, Washington state, South Carolina, Georgia and Missouri.
  12. All varieties of peaches can be divided in two groups: clingstone and freestone peaches.

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