Family Fun at Hickory Knob Resort State Park, South Carolina

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Hickory Knob Resort State Park is a state park located in McCormick, South Carolina.  There is large array of activities to do there, such as camping, archery, hiking, fishing, and more.  My family and I traveled to McCormick for a day to see and do some of the things the state park had to offer.  We drove there in the morning and arrived a couple of hours later.  First, we checked in so we knew what the times of each event we had scheduled.  Archery was up first.  We were met by Keelie Robinson, a park ranger, in an open field with targets set up.  She showed us how to shoot the bows, and gave us a few little tips.  We did archery for about thirty minutes, then headed to skeet shooting.  We were instructed on how to shoot the guns and how to aim, and each of us got taken through the course.  Skeet shooting was my favorite part of the trip.  I shot eight skeet, which was more than anyone in my family. Then, we moved on to canoeing on Lake J. Strom Thurmond.  We were met by Park Ranger Keelie, who then gave us our boats.  I shared a canoe with my dad and my sister shared a canoe with my mom. We went out in the lake for a little while, then we came back in.  Finally, we paid for everything and headed home around five o’clock.  It was a great experience, and it was like nothing I had ever done before.  Hickory Knob Resort State Park is a great location for vacationing or if you’re just looking for a break from society.  You can bring your friends and family here and have a great time, but it’s only as great as you make it.






Logan Hoyt is an 8th grader at Florence Chapel Middle School Spartanburg, SC

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December 1, 2016
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