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Equal Rights: two men + two visions = Freedom for All

The Story of Dr. Benjamin Mays & Dr. Martin Luther King

Benjamin Elijah Mays was born the youngest of eight children in the community of Epworth in Greenwood County, South Carolina on August 1, 1894. A son of former slaves, Mays’ childhood played a key role in shaping the monumental figure that he would become. He served as president of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia from 1940-1967. Dr. Mays was called “one of the most important influences in my life” by Dr. Martin Luther King. He served as a trusted advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, and later to President Carter. His influence on the civil rights movement and his love for education made him a frequent speaker and mentor. Dr. King often described Benjamin Mays as one of his closest friends. Dr. King and Dr. Mays were very instrumental in securing rights for all people. Mays died in 1984 and his childhood home, along with a one-room schoolhouse, has become the Benjamin E. Mays Historical Preservation Site in Greenwood SC.

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September 7, 2015
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