Fishing on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast: Lake Russell

Looking for a new fishing adventure? On South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast, we’ve got three lakes that combine for a whopping 100+ acres of water just waiting for you to explore. Fishing in our area of the upstate is at its best in early to middle fall, so now’s the time to visit. Crappie and striped […]

SC’s Old 96 District: 12 Hiking/Biking Trails in 6 South Carolina State Parks

Did you know South Carolina’s Old 96 District has six South Carolina state parks? That’s a lot of opportunity for outdoor adventure—not just for camping and boating, but also for an unbeatable selection of hiking and biking trails. Choose your adventure from every skill level at difficult, intermediate, to beginner. Challenge yourself to a blood-pumping […]

7 Revolutionary War Hiking Trails in SC’s Old 96 District

Fall is the perfect time for hiking in South Carolina. And on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast, the cooler weather is not just great for leaf-peeping: we’ve got trails that are steeped in history and heritage as well as natural wonder. Revolutionary War trails at Musgrove Mill State Historic Site and Ninety Six National Historic Site […]

10 Hiking/Biking Trails to Try in the Old 96 District

South Carolina is home to breathtaking natural attractions, and in the mountainous upstate, we’ve got plenty in the way of outdoor adventure. As fall brings cooler temps and changing foliage, it’s the perfect time to get outside and explore the beauty in our region! The South Carolina Trails program encourages finding treasure through trails—and in […]

National Plan Your Vacation Day

The Secret to Maximizing Your Vacation Time This Year “So much to do, so little time.” While the phrase may sound like it perfectly describes our lives, research shows there actually is time. Americans universally say that vacation days are important to them, yet 54 percent of workers aren’t using their hard-earned vacation time. Project: […]

Hiking Trails on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast

It may be hard to believe right now, with the East Coast’s bomb cyclone still fresh in our minds, but, warmer weather is not far away. As you spend time inside planning your approach to conquer your New Year’s resolutions, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan a weekend getaway. Travel to South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast […]

An Epic Mountain Bike Weekend

It’s that time of the year when getting outside is almost mandatory. The colors of the leaves are peaking, the humidity has dropped, but it’s not so cold that you can’t enjoy yourself. Welcome to Fall on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast. We’ll just come right out and say it. If you haven’t gone mountain biking […]

Fall in Love with SC Old 96 District Trails

Fall is officially here. South Carolina’s Old 96 District features some of the most accessible, enjoyable beginner friendly trails in our state. It’s time to get back outside, and the trails are calling.. Our trails are the reason why casual hikers turn into avid hikers. If you are looking for a new outdoor adventure, and […]

Lakes, Links and Bucket Lists: South Carolina’s Little River Blueway

Located within the Sumter National Forest where Little River and Lake Thurmond converge in Northern McCormick County, South Carolina’s Little River Blueway offers outdoor adventure and vacation options for everyone. Featuring diverse hiking and biking trails, paddling and canoeing, camping and even a golf resort, the Little River Blueway in South Carolina’s Old 96 District […]

Strengthen Your Daddy-Daughter Bond-Go Hiking in SC Old 96 District

For many men, finding the perfect activity to invite your daughter to do with you is often hard. We have the answer! A hike. Each year we are reminded of how many years we have left with the little (or not so little) ones in our life. Now is the perfect time to create memories […]

Scuba Diving in Lake Thurmond, South Carolina

As the publisher of a magazine about SCUBA diving on shipwrecks, you can imagine how excited I was when I learned about a location in the Old Ninety Six district of South Carolina perfectly suited for training. As with all sports, training is essential to honing your skills in order to have a safer and […]

The Palmetto Shooting Complex at the NWTF

The Palmetto Shooting Complex at the National Wild Turkey Federation in Edgefield, S.C. is where individuals both young and old come to enjoy shooting sports. Since opening last fall, the 300-acre facility has hosted more than a dozen shooting events and welcomed more than 6,000 shooters and 20,000 visitors. And the facility is only going […]

Family Fun at Hickory Knob Resort State Park, South Carolina

Hickory Knob Resort State Park is a state park located in McCormick, South Carolina.  There is large array of activities to do there, such as camping, archery, hiking, fishing, and more.  My family and I traveled to McCormick for a day to see and do some of the things the state park had to offer.  […]

Bear and Me: A Daddy-Daughter Camping Excursion at Calhoun Falls State Park

Before you have kids, it’s tough to imagine yourself making promises you cannot possibly keep. Like assuring your 4-year-old daughter that you won’t run into any skunks in the woods on your first camping trip together. I made that guarantee to her, then immediately regretted it. After all, I don’t truly know the whereabouts – […]

Biking For Everyone in Old 96 District, South Carolina

John F. Kennedy once said, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” Whether it’s a tricycle, road bike, mountain bike or tandem bike; riding is fun. I have fond memories of my nine-year-old self, whizzing through my neighborhood on my sparkling hot pink Huffy with the banana seat and flowered basket. Millions […]

Let’s Go Fishing in Old 96 District

Did you know fishing is the second most popular outdoor activity, behind running? Freshwater is the most popular type, and 2 1/2 million people tried fishing for the first time in 2015. For more fun facts, check out the 2016 Special Report on Fishing.     If you haven’t been hooked yet, you’ll find many great […]

Exploring Baker Creek State Park

When planning for an outdoor adventure, it’s sometimes hard to make a decision sight unseen. So, let’s start here by exploring Baker Creek State Park. Stay tuned for the other parks in South Carolina’s Old 96 District. The Details Baker Creek State Park is open March 1 to September 30 annually. There is a state park entrance […]

A Town Built Over a Gold Mine

Visit the town built over a gold mine! McCormick, SC is named for Cyrus McCormick who bought the property to build the town but never set foot in it! McCormick County is built over gold mines developed by Billy Dorn. Although the mines have been closed for years, the Dorn name is still widely used in many […]

Lake Greenwood State Park

Lake Greenwood State Park in Ninety Six, SC, is known locally for excellent South Carolina bass fishing, boating, and offers shoreline campsites and nature trails. The camping area provides easy access to the shoreline of Lake Greenwood. 125 paved sites may be used by both RVs and tents. Each site has water and electrical hook-ups and a […]

Hamilton Branch State Park

Hamilton Branch State Park, located in Plum Branch, SC, occupies a peninsula on the 70,000-acre Lake Thurmond. Thanks to activities such as fishing, boating and lakefront camping, the park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts looking to spend time on the water. Campers can reserve one of more than 150 spacious, lakefront camping sites, an ideal […]

Calhoun Falls State Park

Calhoun Falls State Park sits along several pine-covered points extending out into sparsely-developed Lake Russell. The Calhoun Falls campground is one of the most coveted in the park system, with spacious RV and tent sites complete with forested, shoreline views of the lake. Day-use activities include a short, easy nature trail, tennis court, seasonal swimming […]

More Than Just a Farm, It’s Family Fun

Emerald Farm owners Kathryn and Paul Zahn have created a truly unique destination with big-time kid appeal. Their property is lovely, with acres and acres of rolling hills, big trees and a fish pond. But, one of the best aspects is that there is no charge to visit! Kathryn focuses her energies on raising Saanen […]

Kayaking in the Old 96 District

Kayaking in the Old 96 District is an exciting experience! The lakes and rivers in our region provide a beautiful avenue to explore our waterways. Known as South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast, Lakes Greenwood, Russell and Thurmond and Little River Blueway are excellent opportunities for kayakers to enjoy being outdoors and on the water! Little River […]

Experience the Revolutionary War – Old 96 District

In the early days of our nation, the original colonies, with the exception of port cities, were largely unsettled. As settlements grew more populated, the British government divided these unincorporated areas into districts.

History Comes Alive in Ninety Six

The Old 96 District is an ideal getaway. An abundance of freshwater coastline offers up ample opportunity for the avid angler, boater, or kayak enthusiast, or those who simply want to enjoy a view of the lake. Wooded trails are everywhere and provide the perfect venue for biking, hiking, and enjoying nature.

Musgrove Mill State Park: Step Back in Time and Walk Through History

Musgrove Mill State Park and Historic Site is located just off of I-26, on the northeast edge of Sumter National Forest. There are 2.3 miles of walking trails winding their way through this historic site, immersing the hiker in Revolutionary War history, providing an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the South Carolina piedmont.

The Burt-Stark House-A Walk Back in Time

There’s no shortage of vacation destinations in South Carolina, that’s for sure. Whether you crave culture and crumpets in Charleston, or tee time on the unmatched links of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina can provide a pleasant and memorable vacation. But, if you long for all these things and more, your ideal destination is Old District 96.

Enjoy Incredible Fishing in Lake Greenwood, Lake Russell and Lake Thurmond

South Carolina offers some of the best fishing in the country, which is because of the wonderful year-round weather that allows for perfect fishing conditions nearly everyday. The mild weather combined with so many fresh water fishing locations will give every fisherman the best vacation destination.

Explore South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast Trails and Palmetto Backcountry like Never Before

Known for the region’s historic importance through the Civil and Revolutionary wars, the five counties that make up the Old 96 District are home to tons of trails and secret stashes of freshwater. The Old 96 District is rich with activities for nature lovers and adventure-seeking explorers.

Quilt Trails in McCormick

Exactly what is a “quilt trail?” It is simply any number of quilt panels strewn across the towns and/or countryside, coaxing the viewers from one to the next. They may pay tribute to individuals or honor an organization. But they all accomplish the same things–they enhance the environment and add to the viewer’s pleasure. Currently, […]