Moonshine and Craft Beer on SC’s Freshwater Coast

Moonshine and craft beer. It seems those are common words today! When we think of the best of South Carolina and Old 96 District, a lot of images come to mind. Football, hiking Cedar Bluff Trail at Calhoun Falls State Park, sweet tea, touring Ninety-Six National Historic Site, kayaking on Lake Thurmond and moonshine. In […]

Discover History, Mystery, and Legend in Edgefield SC

Just a stone’s throw from the Georgia line, in Old 96, is the town of Edgefield. A town within a county rich in history, natural beauty, and infamy, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in Edgefield SC.

Sittin’ on a Gold Mine in McCormick, SC

The proud claim, “We’re sittin’ on a Gold Mine”,is the motto of the town of McCormick, SC and it’s true. Back in 1852, the second richest vein of gold in the state was discovered on the site of the present gold mine at McCormick.

Experience the Revolutionary War – Old 96 District

In the early days of our nation, the original colonies, with the exception of port cities, were largely unsettled. As settlements grew more populated, the British government divided these unincorporated areas into districts.