9 Mouthwatering BBQ Joints in the Old 96 District

The debate continues, but we maintain that South Carolina is the Birthplace of Barbecue and home of the Official Four Sauces: mustard, heavy tomato, light tomato, and vinegar. But no matter your opinion on its origins, meat-lovers can all agree that the savory taste of slow-cooked, hickory-smoked BBQ drizzled with sauce takes any get-together to […]

Southern Food-Not Tradition But Lifestyle!

Yes, food in South Carolina is rooted deeply in tradition. But, food in the South is also a lifestyle! Some families will serve the same meal every Sunday of the month. Others find weekends are the perfect time for sharing a meal. Even Southerners by birth don’t truly understand the meaning of the traditional foods […]

Discovering Unique and Exceptional Restaurants in Old 96 District

We have a good variety of unique and exceptional restaurants in Old 96 District- let’s do a taste tour of a few. Abbeville County, SC The Village Grill uses no sulfites, preservatives, or MSG in the preparation of meals. They also support local farmers as much as possible to make use of the freshest, best quality produce. From […]