7 Farmers Markets to Explore in Old 96

It’s National Farmers Market Week and we’re celebrating here in Old 96! The first full week of August each year, the Farmers Market Coalition helps us remember the crucial role farmers play in our nation’s food system. It’s much more than just having the privilege of tasty fresh fruits and vegetables at our convenience—by supporting farmers and […]

Visitor’s View of SC Old 96 District and Greenwood SC, Part 2

Our trip to Greenwood was filled with many good food stories. I should mention that over the course of the weekend, we ended up eating at The Mill House restaurant not once, but two times. We loved our pizzas so much on Saturday night, we thought we should try out more topping combinations on Sunday. […]

Antiquing & Collecting in Old 96 District South Carolina

The act of acquiring things that are no longer perfect has many names. Picking, antiquing, collecting, restoring. We call it junkin’ and pickin’. If you find yourself regularly milling through antique stores and flea markets, searching for a piece of America’s history, you are one of us; a curator of American culture. The Old 96 […]

The Mask of Lincoln

The Museum in Greenwood, SC presents “The Mask of Lincoln” The Museum and Railroad Historical Center in Greenwood, SC is excited about its newest exhibit which opens on Friday, January 29 from 5:30-7:00 PM. “The Mask of Lincoln” contains portraits from President Abraham Lincoln’s rise to national prominence and his presidential years. The public is […]

Discover History, Mystery, and Legend in Edgefield SC

Just a stone’s throw from the Georgia line, in Old 96, is the town of Edgefield. A town within a county rich in history, natural beauty, and infamy, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in Edgefield SC.

Sittin’ on a Gold Mine in McCormick, SC

The proud claim, “We’re sittin’ on a Gold Mine”,is the motto of the town of McCormick, SC and it’s true. Back in 1852, the second richest vein of gold in the state was discovered on the site of the present gold mine at McCormick.