Visitor’s View of SC Old 96 District and Greenwood SC, Part 2

Our trip to Greenwood was filled with many good food stories. I should mention that over the course of the weekend, we ended up eating at The Mill House restaurant not once, but two times. We loved our pizzas so much on Saturday night, we thought we should try out more topping combinations on Sunday. […]

Antiquing & Collecting in Old 96 District South Carolina

The act of acquiring things that are no longer perfect has many names. Picking, antiquing, collecting, restoring. We call it junkin’ and pickin’. If you find yourself regularly milling through antique stores and flea markets, searching for a piece of America’s history, you are one of us; a curator of American culture. The Old 96 […]

The Mask of Lincoln

The Museum in Greenwood, SC presents “The Mask of Lincoln” The Museum and Railroad Historical Center in Greenwood, SC is excited about its newest exhibit which opens on Friday, January 29 from 5:30-7:00 PM. “The Mask of Lincoln” contains portraits from President Abraham Lincoln’s rise to national prominence and his presidential years. The public is […]

Experience the Revolutionary War – Old 96 District

In the early days of our nation, the original colonies, with the exception of port cities, were largely unsettled. As settlements grew more populated, the British government divided these unincorporated areas into districts.

History Comes Alive in Ninety Six

The Old 96 District is an ideal getaway. An abundance of freshwater coastline offers up ample opportunity for the avid angler, boater, or kayak enthusiast, or those who simply want to enjoy a view of the lake. Wooded trails are everywhere and provide the perfect venue for biking, hiking, and enjoying nature.

Musgrove Mill State Park: Step Back in Time and Walk Through History

Musgrove Mill State Park and Historic Site is located just off of I-26, on the northeast edge of Sumter National Forest. There are 2.3 miles of walking trails winding their way through this historic site, immersing the hiker in Revolutionary War history, providing an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the South Carolina piedmont.

Lots to See and Do Downtown Laurens, South Carolina

Downtown Laurens, South Carolina is a historic community with roots that go back to the mid-18th century. Five roads intersect that lead to a charming and vibrant public square that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While still proud of its history, downtown Laurens is not resting on its laurels and living in the past. The public square is a beehive of activity with more than 140,000 square feet of commercial space housing unique shops, corner cafes, fine dining, and popular pubs.

The Burt-Stark House-A Walk Back in Time

There’s no shortage of vacation destinations in South Carolina, that’s for sure. Whether you crave culture and crumpets in Charleston, or tee time on the unmatched links of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina can provide a pleasant and memorable vacation. But, if you long for all these things and more, your ideal destination is Old District 96.

Feast Your Eyes on Kickers Restaurant in Greenwood SC

In the heart of Old 96 District, in the quaint town of Greenwood, there’s a little restaurant that is truly one-of-a-kind. Locals flock to Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC for the sumptuous-and creative-fare prepared by chef Abdel Dimiati. Each and every dish is a winner and a visit to this off-the-beaten-path treasure is well worth the trip.

Hundreds of Historic Churches in the Old 96 District

Whether you have a special affinity for churches because of your religious or spiritual background, or you simply appreciate and embrace the stunning designs of church architects from days gone by, you’ll enjoy visiting (or even attending services) at the historic churches in the Old 96 District. There are approximately 421 churches in the surrounding counties of Abbeville, Greenwood, and McCormick; here’s a closer look at three of the many Historic Churches in the Old 96 District

Bettis Academy and Junior College, Trenton, SC

Bettis Academy and Junior College, established in 1881 and closed in 1952, is significant for its role in the primary, secondary, and higher education of African Americans in what is now parts of Edgefield and Greenwood Counties from the late nineteenth through the mid-twentieth century.

Explore South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast Trails and Palmetto Backcountry like Never Before

Known for the region’s historic importance through the Civil and Revolutionary wars, the five counties that make up the Old 96 District are home to tons of trails and secret stashes of freshwater. The Old 96 District is rich with activities for nature lovers and adventure-seeking explorers.

Quilt Trails in McCormick

Exactly what is a “quilt trail?” It is simply any number of quilt panels strewn across the towns and/or countryside, coaxing the viewers from one to the next. They may pay tribute to individuals or honor an organization. But they all accomplish the same things–they enhance the environment and add to the viewer’s pleasure. Currently, […]