Antiquing & Collecting in Old 96 District South Carolina

The act of acquiring things that are no longer perfect has many names. Picking, antiquing, collecting, restoring. We call it junkin’ and pickin’. If you find yourself regularly milling through antique stores and flea markets, searching for a piece of America’s history, you are one of us; a curator of American culture. The Old 96 […]

The Phoenix Factory’s Old Edgefield Pottery is History in Your Hands

The Phoenix Factory’s Old Edgefield pottery continues the longtime tradition of Edgefield Pottery, pottery made in the Old Edgefield District of South Carolina from about 1820 to the early twentieth century. Owning a piece of Edgefield is like holding a small piece of history in your hands. Much of the Edgefield pottery was made before […]

Discover History, Mystery, and Legend in Edgefield SC

Just a stone’s throw from the Georgia line, in Old 96, is the town of Edgefield. A town within a county rich in history, natural beauty, and infamy, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in Edgefield SC.

Sittin’ on a Gold Mine in McCormick, SC

The proud claim, “We’re sittin’ on a Gold Mine”,is the motto of the town of McCormick, SC and it’s true. Back in 1852, the second richest vein of gold in the state was discovered on the site of the present gold mine at McCormick.

MACK-McCormick’s Treasure Trove of Art and Culture

McCormick, SC is a little dot on the map in Old 96 District-one of those “blink and you may miss it” kind of hamlets. The traveler to Old 96 District would do well to not miss this eclectic community.

Railroads Connecting Near and Far

The value of a train during the industrial boom of American history was infinite. A train carried loved ones home from war, medicine to a diseased child, supplies and gunpowder to a fledgling ragtag military. Trains helped to bridge the gap between people, places and things.