Happy Cows, Happy Customers: Hickory Hill Milk in Edgefield

Happy cows, happy customers. That’s the motto of Hickory Hill Milk in Edgefield, South Carolina. HERD MENTALITY The Dorn property has been in the family since 1764, where they began dairy farming in the 1950s. The torch passed to Jim and Marie Dorn, who continued raising Holstein cows and producing milk. In 2008 their son […]

7 Farmers Markets to Explore in Old 96

It’s National Farmers Market Week and we’re celebrating here in Old 96! The first full week of August each year, the Farmers Market Coalition helps us remember the crucial role farmers play in our nation’s food system. It’s much more than just having the privilege of tasty fresh fruits and vegetables at our convenience—by supporting farmers and […]

Visitor’s View of SC Old 96 District and Greenwood SC, Final Chapter!

And if you’re already out and about in your car, it’s worth visiting some of the region’s other sites. We did a quick stop by the Benjamin E. Mays House Museum, which celebrates the contributions of the man who was a spiritual mentor to Martin Luther King Jr. and who advised three presidents –Kennedy, Johnson […]

South Carolina Peach Capital

    South Carolina ranks #2 in peach production in the United States, second only to California. Edgefield County, in the heart of the Old 96 District, is considered “The Peach Capital of the World”. This region produces 60 percent of South Carolina’s peaches. Peaches have been an important commercial crop in South Carolina dating […]