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TRAILHEAD: 34.10798, -82.62623 (day use area access)
1.5 mile loop

Well-thought out in its placement, the Cedar Bluff Trail showcases the slopes above Lake Russell with views of the lake and many bridges to cross over creeks draining into the lake. It’s a very pretty trail, and was exactly where the park map showed it to be, although the parking area didn’t have a sign pointing you to the trail. Many of the wooden stairs and some of the bridges are rotting and need replaced; we had to step carefully on them all the way around the loop. There were no restrooms unlocked and open anywhere near the trailhead down by the day use area, even though there are two separate buildings with restrooms. We had to drive down to the campground to use the restrooms, and the ones at the tent camping area weren’t in the best of shape.

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Old 96 District
November 1, 2018
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