Old 96 District’s Essentials Guide

Old 96 District’s Essentials Guide

We’re all individuals here. No matter who you are, where you’re travelling from, or what kind of things you enjoy, no two trips are the same! Even two different people can experience the same location in distinct ways. That’s the beauty of travel: it’s both universal and deeply personal.

Still, following your heart only goes so far without a guide to the region’s essentials. What is there to see? To buy? To eat? We’ve made it easy and set up a rough itinerary from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. It’s designed to appeal to the “musts” of Old 96 District, with a taste of something for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to take it and run with it, or adjust as needed! Let us know where you go and what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with our #FeelinPeachy96 hashtag.



Arrive in Greenwood, SC for lunch at Kicker’s Cafe. A well-earned local favorite, Kickers offers a mix of familiar classics, international dishes, and the best onion rings around. Unwind from the drive with a lunch menu of unique twists.

Walking distance (or a very short drive) from Kickers, explore all Greenwood’s Main Street, known locally as Uptown Greenwood, has to offer. The Greenwood Museum  retells the town’s history while also featuring rotating exhibits. The Arts Center of Greenwood sits next door and doubles as the visitor center (in case your friends want to grab some flyers to plan your adventure on the go!) Main & Maxwell celebrates local artists with a gallery of handmade goods. Detox at The Spa on Maxwell or explore other local shops.

inside of the greenwood museum, containing many vintage items set up to look like an old general store

The Museum’s permanent exhibits feature walk-through windows into the past.

Once you or your group is ready to move, we’re heading to Emerald Farm. Get the cameras out, because Emerald farm has goats that guests can pet and feed from their hand. Peacocks freely roam the grounds.

The gift stores feature handmade goat’s milk soaps, antiques, vintage snacks, and a staircase leading to an entire floor of model train tracks! (If you’ve never seen a model train in action before, it’s really worth it.) Emerald Farm closes at 5pm, so if you want to divide up the exploration, going earlier gives everyone more time to enjoy the farm!

several white goats against a fence.

Who wouldn’t want to pet these cuties?

We return to Uptown Greenwood for dinner at Buenavista Latin Cafe. This authentic Cuban eatery also has some tasty cocktails, along with being walking distance from the boutique hotel we’ll be staying in tonight.

Alternatively, a pre-made reservation at Lady Amelia Bed & Breakfast Inn’s restaurant is only about 20 minutes outside of Greenwood, serving wine and French cuisine nice enough for any special occasion.

a plate from Lady Amelia's restaurant with corn, broccoli, hand-cut fries and steak

If only we could smell pictures…

After dinner, check into the Inn On The Square and enjoy their full-service boutique experience.

a bed from the Inn on the Square, with a bottle of wine and charcuterie.

The Inn on the Square is located right in Uptown Greenwood, walking distance from many attractions and shops.




We have options for Saturday breakfast. Take your pick between breakfast at the Inn’s Carriage House Restaurant for your fabric napkin fare, or West End Cafe for that down-home style breakfast. Both are worthy of praise, so let your mood and your appetite be your guide.

Once our bellies are full, it’s off to Abbeville, SC for some shopping and exploration! Breezy Quarters hand makes soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, and beauty products in a wide variety of original scents. Find your next plant best friend at Divine Your Space, or plan your schedule to make one of their craft workshops. Urban 2 Country and Southern Succotash both offer a mix of vintage goods and gourmet foods, but in ways that keep each store feeling fresh and distinct. Peek into the Abbeville Opera House, or stay a while and enjoy an event at the venue. For lunch, grab a hot dog from The Rough House or a hearty sandwich at The Village Grill.

the store divine your space front view, with blue walls and lots of plants

Divine Your Space is a flowery spot in any day, literally!

Next on the list is Edgefield, SC! Edgefield’s historic downtown has “charm” written all over it. Carolina Moon Distillery creates liquors from local ingredients and offers free tastings. Grab an ice cream cone from the Edgefield General Store along with some unique gifts and souvenirs. Visit Phoenix Factory’s Old Edgefield Pottery to see the latest works in a rich local craft history (there’s pottery from Edgefield in the Smithsonian!) The Village Blacksmith is also walking distance from the main square, for handmade ironworks. Walk the streets from town square and explore the other shops and cafes in the area.

Justin Guy of Old Edgefield Pottery posing in front of shelves of pottery with a dog

Justin Guy is the face of the modern Edgefield Pottery scene!

For those interested, the Palmetto Shooting Complex (Connected with the National Wild Turkey Federation, which promotes responsible turkey hunting and conservation) is also open until 5PM on Saturdays. Blow off steam and test your aim on a skeet shooting range!

After dinner at Nonna’s Italian Kitchen, it’s time to head to Hickory Knob State Resort Park. This is the only one of South Carolina’s State Parks which is also a resort, so there’s multiple ways to stay, whether you’d like the privacy of individual hotel-like rooms, or your friends prefer the slumber party feel of a shared cabin.

cabins at Hickory Knob State Park

Its like summer camp all over again, but you make the rules now.



Happy Sunday! Today is all about enjoying Old 96 District’s natural wonders. Our near 2,000 miles of shoreline gives us the nickname of SC’s “freshwater coast,” so getting out on the water is a must to truly experience the region. Hickory Knob allows for kayaking, canoeing and swimming in Lake Thurmond, as well as skeet and archery ranges, hiking trails and a Tom Jackson-designed 18-hole golf course. For those that like to swim but don’t like lakes, there’s also a pool on the grounds. The park restaurant offers three meals a day plus a daily happy hour, so today is the day to relax or play to your heart’s content.

Are you brave enough to peek inside the old tunnel?

From May through October, on the 1st and 3rd Saturday (and respective Sunday) the Heritage Gold Mine in McCormick, SC is also open until 4PM. The Dorn mine was once one of the richest gold mines in the nation. Now, visitors can pan explore the old tunnel and for gold and gems (keeping what you find.)

Once everyone travelling has had their fill, it’s time to say our goodbyes. We look forward to making memories with you! What spots in Old 96 District do you consider essential? How do you make your visits your own? Discover anything on your recent trip that you loved? Feel free to let us know! 


McCormick County Sunrise

We hope to see you again soon!