Ways to Cool Off in Old 96 District

Ways to Cool Off in Old 96 District

Happy July! For many of us it’s a month full of BBQ, family gatherings, and general summer fun. Still, South Carolina isn’t exactly known for its temperate warm season. Many days it’s hot and humid. We’re not letting that stop us! Here are some great ways to beat the heat and cool off in Old 96 District:

The Splash Pad in Greenwood, SC

Well-designed public spaces are an underrated blessing. The Splash Pad is a public “fountain” beside Uptown Market, where visitors can freely walk through and play in the water sprinklers. It’s normal for people to bring their towels and lawn chairs along with their children. For families that want a fun splash without the ordeal of a lake trip, Splash Pad scratches the itch. What’s really neat about it is its sustainable design; the re-circulation and treatment system for the water is designed to conserve water and leave only a minimal impact on the environment. We can enjoy a unique city feature while doing right by our planet!

Dive Into a Lake at a State Park

a boat on a pristine blue lake under a blue sky.

If Splash Pad is a modern innovation, then a day on the lake is an age-old classic. There are three freshwater lakes in Old 96 District. You can find public access to the lake through one of our many State Parks. Many of these parks also have opportunities to rent equipment for fishing, kayaking, or paddling. Some places will even let you bring your own boat. While you’re out there in nature, you can also get one step closer to becoming an Ultimate Outsider

Ice Cream at the Edgefield General Store

We don’t have to get soaked to stay cool. Sometimes we’d prefer to stay in the city and enjoy a quick pick-me-up! The Edgefield General Store becomes a sweet oasis during the Summer months. They sell beer, wine, and soda, but one particular delight is the long counter of Hershey’s ice cream flavors. Ice cream sold by the scoop or in a milkshake (or a malt milkshake!) means it’s easy to refresh between exploring the town of Edgefield.

Find Fun Indoors

Don’t worry, staying in the air conditioning doesn’t make you a weakling. There’s a lot of neat stuff going on indoors where you can avoid the sun entirely. The Abbeville Opera House and Greenwood Community Theatre both produce plays, musicals, and more throughout the Summer. The McCormick Arts Center at the Keturah and Greenwood Arts Center showcase local artists capturing the heartbeat of the current region, while museums like The Greenwood Museum and NWTF Winchester Museum offer windows into the past. Between all of these places, there’s plenty to enjoy within the oasis of the air conditioning.

(And if you’re still craving peaches, we’ve got you covered there, too.)