South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast Trails

South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast Trails

Now is the time to explore South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast’s best trails. The 5 counties that make up the Old 96 District are home to tons of trails and secret stashes of freshwater. The Old 96 District is rich with activities for nature lovers and adventure-seeking explorers.

Whether your bike requires a motor or just your trusty legs, there are trails just for you. Hiking and biking trails on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast meander through forests and follow water sources. Many traverse old railroad tracks in this special secret of South Carolina. Not only are historical treasures available for discovery, but there are several landmarks that cannot be missed.

History is King

The John De La Howe School is a landmark that indicates the start of the De La Howe Interpretive Trail. The Ninety Six National Historic Site guides adventure seekers and  history lovers to the Star Fort. This site is home to the first Southern land battle in the revolutionary way. Along the way, many of the South Carolina Freshwater trails have historical treasures with nuggets of information. Hikers and bikers will learn alot about the history of this region. Stop and rest for the night or the whole weekend. Be sure to check out the many campgrounds.

Many of the campgrounds are close to Lake Greenwood State Park in Greenwood County. This beautiful stretch  of freshwater coastline follows along the South Carolina-Georgia state line.

Our Lakes

Lake Russell in Abbeville and Lake Thurmond in McCormick County make up a large part of South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast. Lake Russell is home to Calhoun Falls State Park and Lake Thurmond, one of the largest bodies of water in the South. This lake is also known as the largest body of water east of the Mississippi River. The lake is home to Hickory Knob State Resort Park and natural foliage in the area cover the paths and trails that wind near and around Strom Thurmond Lake and Baker Creek and Lake Russell and Lake Greenwood just to name a few within the six state parks in the South Carolina Freshwater Coast area.

Pets are allowed on most any trail although a leash is highly encouraged. Let your imagination and freedom take flight by visiting the Old 96 District of South Carolina and the Freshwater Coast. It is just a short drive from the saltwater coast, the mountains and the city, too.

Be sure to check out the Hiking and Biking Brochure.