An Epic Mountain Bike Weekend

An Epic Mountain Bike Weekend

It’s that time of the year when getting outside is almost mandatory. The colors of the leaves are peaking, the humidity has dropped, but it’s not so cold that you can’t enjoy yourself. Welcome to Fall on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast. We’ll just come right out and say it. If you haven’t gone mountain biking in our area, you are missing out.

You can travel the world searching for some of the best trails and adventures to experience by bike, but you can also experience it right here in South Carolina. Whether you are a seasoned shredder or a novice searching for friendly trails to develop your skills, you can find it on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast.

Hamilton Branch State Park and Hickory Knob State Park offer trail loops suitable for beginner mountain bike riders. These areas offer the perfect opportunity to build your skills and plot your bucket list of trails to conquer when your confidence and riding ability grow. The

Savannah Valley Railroad Trail is another opportunity for easy riding and exciting exploration. Seasoned mountain bikers will be thrilled to find their ultimate bucket list item, an IMBA Epic Trail, located on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast. An IMBA Epic Trail is one that is designated as challenging and exceptionally beautiful. The Forks Area Trail System, also known as “FATS,” located in Sumter National Park, holds the Epic Trail designation. Despite its draw as an Epic Trail, and its fast, challenging terrain, there is also plenty of opportunity for beginner riders to explore and experience this beautiful area.

No mountain biking expedition is complete without great food and a good night’s sleep. There’s no doubt, after a day of exploring and having an amazing time on South Carolina’s mountain bike trails, you’ll have worked up quite an appetite. No matter where you choose to begin your adventure, South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast has a charming Inn ready to provide the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have. Check in after you’ve experienced fresh, local food from the many breweries and restaurants in our area, many of them just a short drive from the trails.

Plan your weekend mountain bike adventure to South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast, and experience all this beautiful area has to offer, from trails to food to true Southern hospitality.