Enjoy Incredible Fishing in Lake Greenwood, Lake Russell and Lake Thurmond

Enjoy Incredible Fishing in Lake Greenwood, Lake Russell and Lake Thurmond

Men fishing Lake Thurmond

Fishing in Lake Greenwood, Lake Russell, and Lake Thurmond in South Carolina 

South Carolina offers some of the best fishing in the country, which is because of the wonderful year-round weather that allows for perfect fishing conditions nearly everyday. The mild weather combined with so many fresh water fishing locations will give every fisherman the best vacation destination. You will have some great fresh water fishing options when you try out fishing in Lake Greenwood, Lake Russell, and Lake Thurmond. Here is some more information about these lakes.

These three are great because they offer you great chances of catching perch. As you may know, perch is one of the best fish to catch in the winter because of how great they taste this time of year. If you enjoy fishing then hopefully you will get the chance to visit and explore at least one of these amazing lakes. Really, fishing will be so much fun that you won’t be able to wait to go back again,

Fishing at Lake Greenwood 

When fishing in Lake Greenwood you are likely to catch white bass and perch, although you can catch great fish, each lake slightly varies in what types of fish they offer. You also have really good chances for catching largemouth bass. Current fishing reports recommend a jigging depth of 30-36 feet for the best success. There are also many other predatory fish found in the depths of Lake Greenwood which adds to the fun of fishing there. Just remember in the winter to keep your perch.

Fishing at Lake Russell 

If you are fishing at Lake Russell then you will love the chance to catch striped bass, which is actually South Carolina’s state fish. They are really exciting to catch because of how hard they fight and how big they are. Catching one will give you great stories and pictures to share for a long time.  Fishing at Lake Russell will also give you a good opportunity to catch perch, striped bass, bass and catfish. The current extreme cold in the area has driven the fish to greater depths than normal. So be prepared to go as deep as 70 feet for successful fishing. A great tip at Lake Russell is to follow the flocks of seagulls because they will lead you to the fish.

Fishing at Lake Thurmond 

Lake Thurmond is right on the border of Georgia and South Carolina. You will be able to catch many different species of fish there as well. It is surrounded by wilderness, and if you watch along the shoreline while fishing you might catch a sneak peek at some of the natural species of wildlife. In addition to the fishing, you can also stay at one of their many campsites. You can fish all day and camp at night for a wonderful and relaxing vacation.

Hopefully this has made you excited to spend a vacation fishing in Lake Greenwood, Lake Russell, and Lake Thurmond. South Carolina is a state known for hospitality and friendliness. You will love the chance to explore the local culture and scenery and mostly you will love the memories you make reeling in the “big one”. Come check it out and enjoy your stay!