Revolutionary War Hiking Trails

Revolutionary War Hiking Trails

Fall is the perfect time for hiking in South Carolina. And on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast, the cooler weather is not just great for leaf-peeping: we’ve got trails that are steeped in history and heritage as well as natural wonder. Revolutionary War trails at Musgrove Mill State Historic Site. “

This trail begins on the ADA boardwalk leading to the overlook at Horseshoe Falls. From there, you’ll go out to the battlefield area and come across interpretive waysides of the American Revolutionary War Battle of Musgrove Mill which occurred on August 19, 1780.
You’ll run along the Enoree River for most of the way. Again, this trail has interpretive waysides that educate about the homestead of the Musgrove family, the British Encampment in the summer of 1780, 18th century transportation, and the gristmill that was located on the river.


Cherokee Path

This 1.5-mile trail was once a direct route for traders and trappers, Native Americans, and settlers to exchange merchandise between the backcountry and the Carolina coast. You can hike the existing Cherokee Path at Ninety Six just as the Native Americans did.

Fisherman’s Trail

Travel around the Star Fort Pond with lake access at several points.

Gouedy Trail

A 1.5-mile loop that leads you to areas like Robert Gouedy’s trading post, James Gouedy’s grave site, and Ninety Six Creek.

Historical Trail

This paved trail provides station-by-station interpretation of this important crossroads in American history. It leads into the Star Fort, which is still intact, and connects with paths that the Cherokee and Redcoats once walked.

Star Fort Pond

As you walk along this path, observe the abundant wildlife including great blue herons. Ponder the passage of time and the changes brought to this landscape along the Cherokee Path.