Old 96 District’s One-of-a-Kind Shopping Guide

Old 96 District’s One-of-a-Kind Shopping Guide

There’s nothing like a perfect gift. The act of giving brings with it a unique joy, and when done right even something very simple can become powerful and deeply meaningful. Most people can remember a gift they received which spoke directly to their sense of taste, their needs, or even their heart. A good gift sends the message, “I listen to you, and I care, because you matter.” It’s worth getting right, but also challenges many of us.

August and September are the most popular birth months of the year by far, filling our schedules with birthday parties. April through September is peak moving season, with 80% of movers buying a home during that window- now we also need housewarming gifts. We don’t need to mention the holiday season!

Old 96 District has a number of unique and distinct shopping opportunities- these places feature handmade items, local artisans, one-of-a-kinds, and things you just can’t find everywhere. Explore small, local businesses, and find your next perfect gift (and maybe grab something for yourself.)


breezy quarters in abbeville south carolina

Breezy Quarters- Abbeville, SC

Sometimes a luxurious bath is really more for cleaning our soul than our bodies. Breezy Quarters hand makes a variety of bath products, from scrubs to bath bombs to candles and wax melts. Discover your favorite scent and perfume your evening with it. And, if you get hooked, they also ship internationally.

Southern Succotash- Abbeville, SC

Southern Succotash offers a medley of vintage items, candies, and food. They also offer amedley of classes, from something traditional like painting to belly dancing! Either way, there are enough pleasant notes to guarantee there’s something worth experiencing for everyone.


Urban 2 Country- Abbeville, SC

Urban 2 Country feels like two shops in one, in a great way. The front of the store features gourmet food from all over the country. When the fare isn’t local, it’s niche delights that someone else may have to hop on a plane to taste. The back of the store is all vintage, chock full of unique finds and memorable antiques.

Emerald Farm- Greenwood, SC

Tour this shady farm with peacocks and goats, then check out the soaps! Goat’s milk soaps come in a variety of colors and shapes, including trains, little South Carolinas, and animals. Soap made with goat milk helps keep the skin healthier and more moisturized than other soaps, making it good for sensitive, dry, or irritated skin. An antique and snack store sits beneath the model train exhibit.


Maxwell & Main- Greenwood, SC

Founded by a local artist, Maxwell & Main’s mission is to support the local community by celebrating local and regional artists. The result is a gallery of fine handmade goods from over forty folks living in or near Old 96 District. Of all the shops on this list featuring a variety of local artists, this one stands out by the type of art inside lots of wall art, pottery, and home goods.


Wool from Frames Unlimited Act ii
Frames Unlimited, Act. II- McCormick, SC

Frames Unlimited has an eclectic mix. They do have a variety of custom frames available, but the second act introduced fine imported goods and local makers. Each little area carries another person’s story with it; our personal favorite is the angora wool yarn, hand raised, sheared, and spun at Stonywoods Farm. Each bundle comes with the name of the goat it came from (Alfie is being knit into a winter hat.)


The McCormick Arts Center at Keturah- McCormick, SC

The MACK is an arts center first, with changing exhibits featuring local artist, but their quirky gift shop is an attraction all on its own. Dedicated to preserving and uplifting local artistry, their gift shop features art from local artists, craftspeople, and makers.

What’s your favorite place to shop in Old 96 District? Are there any places you thought we missed? Let us know where you went and what you bought on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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