Stoneware in Edgefield SC

Stoneware in Edgefield SC

Justin Guy at Old Edgefield PotterySouth Carolina is known for three distinct folk arts and in Edgefield, SC pottery is king, according to Edgefield Pottery has been around for over 200 years touching many of the residents of the area – either through pottery creation or a distinct traditional piece of artwork.

One of the most famous potters in the area is Dave the Potter, a worker from the area. His life and work are a bit of a mystery – David Drake is his name he took after the emancipation of slavery. He produced large jugs that could hold 10-40 gallons and were decorated with poems and short lines of historical context such as how to follow the stars to freedom. Many of his pieces are now in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. He was very unique because he could read and write, most likely taught by one of the families he worked for-the Harry Drake family.

Some of the signature points of Edgefield pottery are the “ovoid shape, ear-lug handles, and curved upper lip,” according to

On Simkins Street in Edgefield, Phoenix Factory’s Old Edgefield Pottery, is a studio and museum educating the public on this 200-year-old tradition in the area. Justin Guy is the owner and local potter who follows the traditional way of Edgefield pottery and provides demonstrations and knowledge on the historical background of this art form.

A visit to the community is inevitable – a stroll through historical Edgefield will provide an opportunity to learn an age-old tradition and inspire beauty within visitors and locals alike.

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