Railroads Connecting Near and Far

Railroads Connecting Near and Far

ShowImageThe value of a train during the industrial boom of American history was infinite. A train carried loved ones home from war, medicine to a diseased child, supplies and gunpowder to a fledgling ragtag military. Trains helped to bridge the gap between people, places and things.

The primitive version of the locomotive snaked through Germany around 1550. Once iron replaced wood as the choice resource, the steam engine was given life and funding by Samuel Homfray in 1803 and Richard Trevithick built the first steam engine by 1833.

The Railroad Historical Center is another valuable train site located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in Greenwood, South Carolina, in the Old 96 District.  The train cars located at the Railroad Historical Center provided trusty transportation to citizens dating back to the early 1900s. With four railway lines, the county and state lines could not limit transportation.

The Railroad Historical Center was established in 1970 by L.B. Adams and Charles H. Herndon as a part of South Carolina’s Tri-centennial celebration and serves as a site for activities within the arts and cultural world.

The Adams family operated this center until 2005, when they donated the collection to The Museum in Greenwood, South Carolina.

This year, The Museum began a full scale renovation of the six train cars and the Rockton-Rion Locomotive. Although the cars are closed to the public, the grounds and welcome center are open to the public. The Railroad Historical Center is open April through October on Saturdays 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, located at 908 South Main Street in Greenwood, South Carolina. For more information, call the Railroad Historical Center at 864-229-7093http://www.emeraldtriangle.us/museum-railroad-center/museum/about-us.