MACK-McCormick’s Treasure Trove

MACK-McCormick’s Treasure Trove

The traveler to South Carolina’s Old 96 District would do well to not miss this eclectic community of McCormick, SC.  Surrounded by Sumter National Forest, and just a stone’s throw from the Savannah River, McCormick encompasses a lush area of natural beauty.  This “Sportsmen’s Paradise” is recognized for it’s outdoor recreation, as well as many other, more cultural, pursuits.

A fairly prolific goldmine was discovered beneath the town of McCormick back in 1850, and, although the mine ceased operation in 1930, the McCormick motto remains “We’re sittin’ on a goldmine.”  There’s plenty of truth to this adage, as McCormick, South Carolina is the epicenter of culture and art for a wealth of artisans in and around the local area.

The McCormick Art Council at Keturah, or MACK came together in 1985.  The premise behind MACK was to establish a collection of various art and cultural programs within the community, educating and enhancing the quality of life through music, dance, and visual arts   Classes were made available to children and adults, and a resident artists program was formed to mentor those wishing to hone their artistic skills.

Supporting the Community

Upon formation, the council chose a mission statement; “to provide art, culture, and education in the region”.  To that end, MACK fulfills their mission by providing avenues for the community to not only express their creativity, but provide a record of the diversity, and human experience, in and around McCormick, through the arts.

In the past three decades MACK Arts Council South Carolina has become known far and wide for their cultural diversity.  The MACK Arts Council South Carolina supports their artisans throughout the year through many events and functions.  Performances and exhibitions offer opportunities for citizens to participate, and evolve in their passion, as well as support and encourage the arts through MACK Arts Council South Carolina.