Things to do in Laurens County

Things to do in Laurens County

The quaint southern hamlets of Laurens and Clinton, South Carolina are located just of Interstate 26 in South Carolina’s Old 96 District. These towns are a lovely example of small town friendliness and culture.

Laurens Couny Courthouse, Laurens, SC

Life is centered around day to day events and special occasions on the square in Laurens or around the main street area in Clinton. These towns are the sites of popular local festivals, concerts, and entertainment.  Proud residents of this county are only too happy to welcome visitors to their historic hometowns.  Civic pride is celebrated in many ways, from parades to charity events.

Visitors to the Old 96 District will find a region draped in history.  Native People roamed these woodlands, colonists fought for independence during the Revolutionary War, and the war between the states plagued the region over 150 years ago.

Historic Treasures in the Upstate Region

Of the history-rich things to do in Laurens SC, is visit Duncan Creek Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Laurens County’s oldest house of worship, established in 1752.  The Laurens County Courthouse is a lovely example of mid-19th century architecture.  There are several historic homes high on anyone’s list of things to do in Laurens, SC.  Among them is the James Dunklin House, built in 1812.  The home, and museum, opens the first Sunday of every month from 2-5pm, for tours.

Musgrove Mill State Historic Site is where the battle of Musgrove Mill took place and is located outside of Clinton, SC.  The British took over the mill and home from the Musgrove family, repurposing the property as an encampment for their soldiers.  A battle was waged to take back the property, and the Patriots-though far less in number-emerged victorious.

Horseshoe Falls, Musgrove Mill,Clinton, SC

Musgrove Mill State Historic Site is open from 9 am until 6pm daily and admission is free.  Several events take place throughout the year and you should check the Musgrove Mill State Historic Site web site. A surprise at Musgrove Mill is a waterfall that is a must to see!