Discover History, Mystery, and Legend in Edgefield SC

Discover History, Mystery, and Legend in Edgefield SC

Just a stone’s throw from the Georgia line, in Old 96 District, is the town of Edgefield.  A town within a county rich in history, natural beauty, and infamy, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in Edgefield SC.  Residents are proud of the role Edgefield has played in this country’s heritage-from the early days, when South Carolina was a colony, to the advancement of agriculture and prosperity that came with post-Civil War rebirth.

History, Mystery, and Legend

The south is known for colorful tales.  Local lore and legend has fueled many storytellers over the centuries. Edgefield has no lack of drama, intrigue or mystery.  Review local tales when you plan things to do in Edgefield SC by including at the Discovery Center.  Intimate history of the region is plentiful and you’ll find yourself creating your own story, beginning in Edgefield.  The Discovery Center doubles as the local theatre, where you’ll find regional talent performing in the evenings.

At the top of things to do in  Edgefield SC is a journey to the past in Courthouse Square.  This downtown site hasn’t changed very much in 225 years.  It still functions as the central meeting place and visitors imaginations are easily transported to 1890.

Courthouse Square boasts several monuments bearing the names of southern local sons who fought in wars dating back to the Revolution.  There’s a monument honoring ten governors and five lieutenant governors who hail from Edgefield.  You’ll sense the deep civic pride in the tribute to Edgefield’s Senator Strom Thurmond, longest serving US Senator in history.

Anchoring Courthouse Square is Edgefield’s courthouse.   A tour is one of the things to do in Edgefield SC.   Still on the original site, which was established in 1785, the courthouse was built in 1839, an example of stately southern architecture of the mid-19th century.  Disputes, settled by duels and conflict-ending  shootouts took place on these very grounds.

Among things to do in Edgefield SC are many antebellum homes are worthy of a visit.  Tours are at the owners discretion, so be sure to make an appointment.  Among these fine examples of unique and detailed design are the Magnolia-Dale House, built in 1843, and Halcyon Grove, circa 1815.

Several historic churches stand among things to do in Edgefield SC.  The oldest being Horn Creek.  Established in 1790, this example of a one room meeting house is remarkable in it’s simplicity.  Along with this backcountry Baptist house of worship are several mainstream churches,, dating back to the 1800’s and still being utilized today.

Untamed Woodland and a few Turkeys

Included in things to do in Edgefield SC is picturesque Slade Lake, a fishing lake, where walking trails wind through wooded areas .  Stroll along the Ten Governors Rail Trail, or watch the sunset from the wooden bridge.

For those interested in wildlife, things to do in Edgefield SC must include a visit to the Wild Turkey Shoppe and Museum.  The noble bird is immortalized in style and you’re sure to learn plenty about the region’s favorite fowl.  Come visit!  There’s lots of things to do in Edgefield SC!