5 Places in Old 96 District to Experience History

5 Places in Old 96 District to Experience History

If history and heritage are your thing, it’s time to plan a tour of South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast. Our area boasts miles and miles of shoreline, state parks, and opportunities for adventure, and underlying it all are hidden gems of South Carolina history. We’ve got 5 stops in the Old 96 District for you to experience history:

Ninety Six National Historic Site

The site of the first Southern land battle of the Revolutionary War. Discover how early settlers in the 18th century found a way to survive in South Carolina, at the time considered harsh backcountry.

Here, battles erupted between Cherokee Indians and settlers fighting for land. Walk where two towns and a major trading post were built. The park is open daily, and admission is free. The visitors’ center on site is open 9am – 5pm.

Historic Abbeville

Experience Southern charm at its finest. This quaint Southern town boasts historic churches, friendly shopkeepers, and restaurants. Visit Trinity Episcopal Church on the end of Trinity Street, just off Abbeville’s Town Square to the west.

You’ll also find Civil War history in Abbeville, which is commonly known as the birthplace and deathbed of the Confederacy. The Burt-Stark Mansion, located at the intersection of North Main and Greenville Streets, was the site of the final meeting of the Confederate Council of Way. The house is open seasonally for tours throughout the year, or by appointment.

The Town of Edgefield

The home of ten South Carolina governors. Here, you’ll find rich Southern heritage in one of the most historic and notable cemeteries in the South, where political figures, military heroes, and even United States Senator Strom Thurmond are buried.

Musgrove Mill State Historic Site

Located in Clinton, South Carolina, Musgrove Mill is the site of a key battle involving Patriot soldiers in the Revolutionary War. The site is part of a state park, featuring hiking trails and endless opportunities to take in beautiful South Carolina scenery.

Heritage Gold Mine Park

This park in McCormick is built over “Billie” Dorn’s gold mine tunnels, what was once one of the richest gold mines in the nation. Admission to the park is free, and you can even pan for gold for a small fee.

Plan your trip to South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast and experience history come alive. We can’t wait to welcome you!