Happy Cows, Happy Customers: Hickory Hill Milk

Happy Cows, Happy Customers: Hickory Hill Milk

Happy cows, happy customers. That’s the motto of Hickory Hill Milk in Edgefield, South Carolina.


The Dorn property has been in the family since 1764, where they began dairy farming in the 1950s. The torch passed to Jim and Marie Dorn, who continued raising Holstein cows and producing milk. In 2008 their son Watson and his wife Lisa fulfilled a lifelong dream of bottling their own milk with the creation of Hickory Hill Milk!

The extended family of Holstein cows have calm, easy management from birth to maturity. The cows freely graze on high-quality forage year-round, and don’t receive growth hormone injections or feed antibiotics. In short, Hickory Hill Milk carefully cultivates healthy cows, and the high-quality milk they produce reflects their constant TLC.


Hickory Hill Milk is all-natural, old-fashioned whole milk. It’s free of rBGH and antibiotics and undergoes low-temp pasteurization– meaning it’s heated to 145 degrees, held there for 30 minutes, and then cooled as quickly as possible. Consequently, the smooth, sweet taste and the enzymes that make it easy to digest remain intact. Maybe best of all, it’s non-homogenized, calling to mind the good old days when the cream rose to the top. Remember to shake well!


You can find Hickory Hill whole milk, chocolate milk, and buttermilk at select grocery stores in South Carolina and neighboring states. Not to mention, their milk serves as the base for Clemson’s Best Ice Cream! Find a retailer near you at www.hickoryhillmilk.com.

Now plan your trip to Hickory Hill Milk “Farm Nights” starting in October. Bring the family out for a corn maze, farm tours, horse and mule wagon ride, and live music. In addition to the fun on the farm, you can feast on BBQ and homemade ice cream!

Book your getaway on South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast to get a behind-the-scenes look at this fascinating farm, and taste the creamy difference in Hickory Hill Milk!