The Best of the Five Senses in Old 96

The Best of the Five Senses in Old 96

Each of us has something that draws us to explore. Maybe it’s the need to soak up scenic landscapes, the desire to soak up something new, or feel our bodies relax. Whatever experiences motivate you to travel, here’s something delightful in Old 96 District for each of the five senses.

Of course, everybody’s tastes are different, and I’m writing this from my own. If you know of a place that you think deserves a spot here be sure to let us know!


Baker Creek State Resort Park– McCormick, SC

It’s morning, and the sun is barely creeping over the forest that surrounds you. Just a short walk from the campsites (and even shorter from the hotel-style rooms and cabins, for those who prefer beds) is the amphitheater, a little place with a campfire and lots of seating. Just beyond is a view of the water, the trees’ reflections barely rippling on a river stretching across the landscape. It’s hard to do it justice in words, so here’s a video taken in the moment:


West End Cafe- Greenwood, SC

I love good food almost as much as life itself. My tastes for breakfast teeter on the edge of picky and pretentious, but this little cafe offered a platter of every item I use to “test” a breakfast spot. West End knocked it out of the park. They also serve lunch items and make their own jams for the toast. I don’t normally love sweet tea (sacrilege, I know) but this place converted me; theirs is that delicious.


Greenwood Community Theatre– Greenwood, SC

To quote Something Rotten, “There’s nothing as amazing as a musical.” The Greenwood Community Theatre also partners with the local arts center and The Museum, all side-by-side, to create a bursting hub of arts and culture. While there is a musical in production, the calendar also shows dates for cabaret shows, music concerts, and other cultural events. You can check out their upcoming events here!


Stonywoods Farm– McCormick, SC

Stonywoods Farm has chickens, dogs, cats and a donkey, but the real stars of the show are their award-winning angora goats. The wool is sheared, spun, and made into mohair all on the farm for soft yarn, felted animals and more. Who doesn’t want to just feel a handful of wool, or pet some new animal friends?


Breezy Quarters– Abbeville, SC

Founded by a mother of two, this once-hobby has grown into a full brick-and-mortar store! Breezy Quarters uses different essential oils, fragrances, oils and butters to create soaps, candles, scrubs and all sorts of beauty products. She makes everything by hand in the store. The scents range from rosemary mint to cotton candy, each one distinct from the others and all wonderfully crafted.