Inside the Meaning of #FeelinPeachy96

Inside the Meaning of #FeelinPeachy96

If there’s one thing certain about this time of year, it’s that we’re as peachy as can be! So peachy that our social media has been taken over by #FeelinPeachy96. What does it all mean, though? Especially during the Summer, Old 96 District offers a diverse collection of reasons to visit. How does feelin’ peachy capture everything we have?


Our Peachy Roots Run Deep

The first thing to address is just how peachy Old 96 District really is. While Georgia may be known as the peach state, South Carolina’s peach production is the highest on the East coast (second in the nation only to California.) Sixty percent of South Carolina’s peaches come from the Old 96 District region, making us one of the peachiest regions around. Fresh produce stands sell peaches by the crate at farmers markets and alongside the roads. The Ridge Peach Festival is in its 49th year. With ample access to the fruit at its finest and freshest, restaurants and distilleries can make uniquely delicious dishes and beverages like nobody else can.

With that in mind, peaches are a South Carolinian pastime, especially in our five counties. Cooking with South Carolina peaches contributes to the history of agriculture and Southern cuisine (and if you live anywhere near the region, chances are you’ve already eaten our peaches.) It only makes sense, during the height of peach season, to celebrate that legacy and enjoy the sweet Summer as much as possible!

The Feelin’ is as Important as the Peachy.

The feeling of peachy is defined as “very satisfactory,” but the dictionary is rarely helpful with capturing emotions. When we feel peachy, we feel content, happy and at ease. We feel peachy easing into a shady resting spot on a pristine lakeside day. We feel peachy when someone makes the sweet tea exactly right. It’s that notion that everything is right in the moment, we can release a bit of latent tension, and create memories we’ll enjoy. Ultimately, that feeling of warm and peach-fuzzy inside is tastier than anything we can grow on a tree.

We want to capture that peachy feeling by expanding beyond just peaches to things that make us happy and fulfilled. We like to think Old 96 District has a lot to show off there as well, whether your style is more petting baby goats or scenic camping sites. Why not spread the love as far as it can go? 

How to Get Involved

If you’re enjoying the season then you’re already halfway there! The Feelin’ Peachy web page serves as our hub for all things peachy. Come visit Old 96 District or try out some recipes at home and share your experience online! Use the hashtag #FeelinPeachy96 on Instagram to be featured on the page as well.