Kickers Restaurant in Greenwood SC

Kickers Restaurant in Greenwood SC

In the heart of Old 96 District, in the quaint town of Greenwood, there’s a little restaurant that is truly one-of-a-kind.  Locals flock to Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC for the sumptuous-and creative-fare prepared by chef Abdel Dimiati.  Each and every dish is a winner and a visit to this off-the-beaten-path treasure is well worth the trip.

The town of Greenwood, like many in the Old 96 District, is rich in small-town appeal, but, embraces the best qualities of city life.  Warm and welcoming, the residents of Greenwood will likely encourage visitors to give Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC a try. The upscale menu and down-home charm come together like an old family recipe with a new twist, familiar and exciting at the same time.

Founded in 2004 by Dimiati, and his wife Andrea, Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC started as a counter service with 8 barstools and an eclectic menu.  Kickers grew in popularity throughout the Old District 96 region, with folks coming from all around the state, and loyal fans making the trip from as far away as Augusta, on a regular basis.  Nowhere else could you find such an attentive staff and such inspired food as the little place, Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC on Edgefield Street.

Almost overnight, the lines were out the door.  The Dimiatis found their take out service thriving as well.  It became necessary to find a location which could accomodate both, and Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC was relocated to the current location at 301 Maxwell Ave.

A Menu of Must-Try’s

There are so many “must-try” items on the Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC menu.  The endless array of soups,  homemade each day, reflects the diversity of cultures-and variety of other menu items-made famous by Chef Diamati and his wife.  From the classic Chicken Gumbo, to Potato Beer Cheese Chowder, to exotic African Peanut Soup, the choices will accommodate any palate.  Ask them for a sample and the amiable wait staff will happily oblige.

Dive into the exotic Moroccan Turkey Burger, the ham-topped Cuban Burger, or the Asian-fusion inspired Salmon burger, redolent with far east spices and flavors such as ginger, wasabi, and cilantro.  Fresh salads of all varieties, like the Thai Cicken Salad served with a peanut sauce dressing,  or Cajun-spiced Blackened Chicken Salad, and the fully-loaded Fajita Salad, are more than just a bowl of dressed greens (although Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC does offer a dinner salad topped with homemade salad dressing).

By far, the most popular menu item at Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC remains the Greek Chicken Folds.  This uncommon wrap sandwich is made with a delicious yogurt-mint sauce, cucumbers, feta cheese and succulent grilled chicken.  You can’t go wrong with the favorite dish of hometown foodies and guests alike.  Paired with a Greek salad, and a side of french fries, this meal will steal your palate from the first bite.

 A Treasure in Old 96 District

The Greenwood area is known for many things.  Lake Greenwood, part of the Lakelands region, is a popular spot for fishing competitions.  The yearly Festival of Flowers, held in June, is a destination for botany buffs all over the Southeast.  Old 96 District’s mild climate makes a hike or bike ride, or a day spent enjoying South Carolina’s favorite pastime, golf, a grand idea.

Why not follow your Old 96 District adventures with a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC?  Their motto is “Lil Place…Big Taste” and they deliver on it!  Simple, yet anything but ordinary, Kickers Restaurant Greenwood SC is a pleasant surprise.