Thirsty? Quench Your Thirst In SC Old 96 District

Thirsty? Quench Your Thirst In SC Old 96 District

Maybe it’s cooler days or a natural desire to socialize, but South Carolinians have always had a thirst for their own unique beverages – whether sweet tea, cold beer or that well-known backwoods potion, “white lightning,” aka moonshine.

Dating back to Prohibition, are backwoods moonshine stills, where farmers turned corn and sugar into liquid gold. After laws changed to allow production of spirits in 2009, those stills have grown into more than two dozen micro distilleries across the state, producing bourbon, rum, vodka – and yes, modern-day “corn likker.”

The craft beer craze that has swept America the past decade or so has found a home in South Carolina, too, thanks to changes in the laws that allow local brewers to sell beer at their establishments and bottle or can it for sale in groceries and bars.

In the Old 96 District, we have several craft beer and moonshine distributors. The Mill House and Good Times Brewing in downtown Greenwood, SC, is one half restaurant featuring a local favorite pizza menu, while the other half features the most unique selection of beers in the Old 96 District. Featuring over 20 house-crafted beers, Good Times Brewing, keeps a delicious revolving door of new crafted flavors, such as Imperial Death Star, Blood Moon IPA, Hot Chocolate Habanero Stout, and many more.

Carolina Moon Distillery in Edgefield, SC,  offers tours and tastings of moonshine, whiskey, rum and other spirits. This distillery prides itself on its home brewed and fully stocked liquor cabinet. Featuring their original gin, bourbon, whisky, and moonshine recipes, Carolina Moon takes pride in crafting old-fashioned liquors with great taste.

Quench your thirst right here in South Carolina’s Old 96 District!