Perfect Day: Boots and Brews

Perfect Day: Boots and Brews

Discover a perfect day with a Boots and Brews experience in South Carolina’s Old 96 District. The Old 96 District is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the South. Discover the perfect hiking adventure in the Old 96 District of South Carolina. After an epic day hiking these amazing trails, reward yourself and your friends with a refreshing beverage at one of several local breweries and distilleries located in the Old 96 District. Lace up your boots and then get your glasses ready for some tasty beverages!

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Discover South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast™ and Its Trails 

Calhoun Falls and Parsons MountainWith over 150 miles of trails throughout the Old 96 District, a trailhead is never far away. Discover these trails that go around water.

  • Cedar Bluff is an easy to moderate 1.5-mile looped trail, with a short but scenic route along Lake Richard B. Russell. This provides hikers with views of South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast, a series of pristine lakes that stretch for over 60 miles. The Cedar Bluff Trail is one of two trails located within Calhoun Falls State Park, in Abbeville County, and outside the town of Calhoun Falls, SC.
  • Similarly located outside Abbeville, SC, is Parson’s Mountain Recreation Area, home to campgrounds, trails, and family activities. This location offers peace and solitude, as well as easy trails and an observation tower to oversee the areas beautiful forestry.
  • For those trail adventurers looking to learn as well as exercise, Greenwood County’s Ninety-Six National Historic Site, located just outside Ninety-Six, SC, is the perfect combination. The historic site is home to a paved 1-mile walking trail that takes hikers through wayside signs, reconstructed siege forts, and the original Star Fort from 1781.
  • While focusing on historic trails, Edgefield County has one of the most interesting in the Old 96 District-the Ten Governors Rail Trail. The trail was inspired by James Strom Thurmond, who retired at the age of 100 from the United States Senate. The Ten Governors Rail Trail features ten granite markers telling Thurmond, Edgefield and other local governor’s stories.

Tinkers AlleyLoosen Your Laces and Relive Your Hiking Adventures With Some ‘Shine and Craft Beer

After a fun day on the trails, it’s time to unwind and enjoy some delicious local craft beer and moonshine!

In Abbeville, SC, you will find these places to unwind:

  • Nestled on Abbeville’s historic square, Natty’s on Trinity serves over 25 craft beers.
  • Tinkers Alley, located on the ground floor of the Belmont Inn,  provides its patrons with a quiet, refined atmosphere and a great list of craft beers.

In Edgefield, SC you will find these places to unwind:

  • Carolina Moon Distillery prides itself on its home brewed and fully stocked liquor cabinet. Featuring their original gin, bourbon, whisky, and moonshine recipes, Carolina Moon takes pride in crafting old-fashioned liquors and moonshine with great taste.

In Greenwood, SC you will find these places to unwind:

  •  The Mill House and Good Times Brewing and Bar in downtown Greenwood,  is a great place to relax, unwind and taste great food. One half of the restaurant features a local favorite pizza menu, while the other half features the most unique selection of beers in the Old 96 District. Featuring over 20 house-crafted beers, Good Times Brewing keeps a delicious revolving door of new crafted flavors, such as Imperial Death Star, Blood Moon IPA, Hot Chocolate Habanero Stout, and many more.

As we like to say in the Old 96 District, our days are longer and our nights are stronger than Moonshine!

So, now you’ve got the tools necessary to ensure your trip to the Old 96 District has the perfect combination of Boots and Brews. The adventure awaits. Get off the beaten path. Take the back road. Rediscover small town America. Loosen your laces, gather your friends, and relive your day’s adventures at one of these cool, hot spots. Get Away to A Place You Truly Can… Plan Your Next Adventure!