Old 96 District BBQ Trail

Old 96 District BBQ Trail

With our miles of shoreline, six state parks, and endless opportunities for outdoor exploration, it might be hard to believe you could explore another type of trail in the Old 96 District. However, this is the type of trail almost anyone could get excited about and doesn’t require special footwear. It’s the Old 96 District BBQ Trail! Whether you make a weekend of it and sample your way through our beautiful area, or spread your visit into multiple trips, you’re sure to find some favorites and leave with a happy tummy.

Greenwood, South Carolina features several stops along our BBQ trail. Enjoy the special brisket on Friday’s at Bare Bonz BBQ before you continue on to Carolina Barbecue Shack. Carolina Barbecue Shack was started by two retired educators who decided to follow their passion for cooking. You know when you’re dining with someone living out their passion, the food is going to be good!

Head to Greenwood or Cross Hill for Fat Daddy’s BBQ and Hash House and experience all your barbecue favorites. Don’t miss Billy Ray’s famous sauce at Fat Daddy’s!  Visit Little Pig’s, a South Carolina favorite with locations across the state, and family owned since 1964. All Little Pig’s menu items are proprietary recipes, and the quality of their food is top notch. Experience the difference of the meat smoked on Little Pig’s Southern Pride Wood Smoker. You’ll have to visit the Sunny Pig Saloon yourself in Greenwood, South Carolina, to see if their claim of having “the best butts uptown” is true. We won’t spoil it for you, but they’re pretty good! Don’t leave Greenwood on your BBQ Trail adventure without experiencing the Big Pig Sandwich at The Carolina Tavern. The Big Pig is like nothing you’ve ever had and features multiple types of meat, including applewood smoked bacon on a potato roll.

Finish, or start, your BBQ Trail experience at Lee’s Barbecue & Catering Service. The location was originally a filling station and was converted into a BBQ restaurant by the Lee family. Owner Sid Lee’s father’s homemade hash was so popular in the neighborhood that all the neighbors would come running when they heard there was a fresh batch on the way. Sid saw the opportunity, and took his father’s recipe and built a full menu of delicious, creative, Southern BBQ recipes to open his restaurant and catering business.

Plan your trip to experience The Old 96 Distrcit BBQ Trail and experience true Southern hospitality, on a plate. You’ll leave hungry for more, and we’ll be waiting to welcome you back.

A close up picture of a pulled pork barbecue sandwich

We might be getting hungry just from writing this.


Print This List to Guide You Along The BBQ Trail

Bare Bonz BBQ

408 Emerald Road N.

Greenwood, SC 29646


Carolina Barbecue Shack

728 Montague Ave.

Greenwood, SC 29649


Fat Daddy’s BBQ and Hash House

12360 Highway 39

Cross Hill, SC 29332


Fat Daddy’s BBQ and Hash House

115 Hampton Ave

Greenwood, SC 29646

Little Pigs Barbecue

414 Montague Avenue

Greenwood, SC 29649


Sunny Pig Saloon

312 Main Street

Greenwood, SC 29646


The Carolina Tavern

521-A Bypass 72

Greenwood, SC 29647


Lee’s Barbecue & Catering Service

16994 Highway 72 W.

Waterloo, SC 29384