A Town Built Over a Gold Mine

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Visit the town built over a gold mine! McCormick, SC is named for Cyrus McCormick who bought the property to build the town but never set foot in it! McCormick County is built over gold mines developed by Billy Dorn. Although the mines have been closed for years, the Dorn name is still widely used in many McCormick properties. Heritage Gold Mine Park provides the opportunity to pan for gold and to view the entrance to the mining tunnels.

McCormick County is mostly a recreational paradise with 80% of the county found in Sumter National Forest. It is home to three state parks and Lake Thurmond which borders South Carolina and Georgia (it is called Clarks Hill Lake on the Georgia side!). Keep your diving skills up to date and explore a sunken plane and ski boat in Lake Thurmond.
Camp, hike, bike, play golf and fish in McCormick County – an outdoor adventure paradise!

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January 25, 2016
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