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Spotlight on The Belmont Inn in Abbeville, SC

Need a relaxing weekend away from it all? The Belmont Inn in Abbeville, South Carolina is the place for you! A restored historic inn/hotel with a B&B feel, the Belmont Inn is located on the Square in the heart of downtown Abbeville. Twenty -five rooms are available with all rooms having private bathrooms that have […]

Archery: A Sport Filled with Arrows and Bows

“Archery; the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows.” Historically, archery was used for hunting and combat. Today it is mostly a competitive sport and a recreational activity. A person who takes part in archery is typically called an archer or a bowman. At the only resort state park in South Carolina, […]

Lakes, Links and Bucket Lists: South Carolina’s Little River Blueway

Located within the Sumter National Forest where Little River and Lake Thurmond converge in Northern McCormick County, South Carolina’s Little River Blueway offers outdoor adventure and vacation options for everyone. Featuring diverse hiking and biking trails, paddling and canoeing, camping and even a golf resort, the Little River Blueway in South Carolina’s Old 96 District […]

Old 96 Newsletter – Boots and Brews in South Carolina’s Old 96 District

Discover a New Experience With Boots and Brews in South Carolina’s Old 96 District The Old 96 District is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the South. Discover the perfect hiking adventure in the Old 96 District of South Carolina. After an epic day hiking these amazing trails, reward yourself and […]

Visitor’s View of SC Old 96 District and Greenwood SC, Final Chapter!

And if you’re already out and about in your car, it’s worth visiting some of the region’s other sites. We did a quick stop by the Benjamin E. Mays House Museum, which celebrates the contributions of the man who was a spiritual mentor to Martin Luther King Jr. and who advised three presidents –Kennedy, Johnson […]

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