Monthly Archives: July 2016

Discovering Unique and Exceptional Restaurants in Old 96 District

We have a good variety of unique and exceptional restaurants in Old 96 District- let’s do a taste tour of a few. Abbeville County, SC The Village Grill uses no sulfites, preservatives, or MSG in the preparation of meals. They also support local farmers as much as possible to make use of the freshest, best quality produce. From […]

Finding the Long Cane Massacre Historical Site

The Long Cane Massacre is a bit of tragic history tucked away at the end of a dusty road in Troy, South Carolina.     If you aren’t watching for the historical markers, you might just miss the site of a significant event in the settlement of South Carolina.     Following the signs, the […]

Exploring Baker Creek State Park

When planning for an outdoor adventure, it’s sometimes hard to make a decision sight unseen. So, let’s start here by exploring Baker Creek State Park. Stay tuned for the other parks in South Carolina’s Old 96 District. The Details Baker Creek State Park is open March 1 to September 30 annually. There is a state park entrance […]

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