Palmetto Wine Competition May 1 in Abbeville SC

Palmetto Wine Competition May 1 in Abbeville SC

A new and fun event will be held in the Old 96 District on May 1, 2018, when the first Palmetto Wine Competition is held. Dennis and Jenni Turner, who maintain the website, are hosting the first Palmetto Wine Competition at The Belmont Inn in Abbeville, South Carolina.

The competition promises to be a fun event and will feature wines produced from South Carolina Wine Association members, which claims 12 members. There will be gold, silver and bronze medals awarded by a panel of six judges from various sectors of the wine industry. All judging will be by blind tasting.

Dennis Turner is a Greenwood native and along with his wife, Jenni, lives in Boiling Springs. He says the couple often come to Abbeville for the weekend, so he approached the owners of The Belmont Inn about hosting the event.  

Renee Smith and Edie New, current innkeepers, were thrilled to host this first of a kind event in the palmetto state of South Carolina. It will also be an opportunity for visitors to see the quaint and interesting cobblestone streets of Abbeville, SC. This town was the site of the movie, Sleeping with the Enemy, starring Julia Roberts.

An interesting fact as it relates to the authenticity of the Palmetto Wine Competition, is the grapes are grown in South Carolina. The wine is grown here, made here and it tastes good! The wines are not just sweet or muscadine type wine, but rather very robust traditional ones, including cabernet sauvignon and merlot. These varieties of grapes can be grown and produced in South Carolina. The public is welcomed to attend the event.

Members of the South Carolina Winery Association are state licensed to produce, sell and distribute wines produced in this state. There are currently 16 wineries in the association and two more are in the process of getting started.

As the professionals like to say, “Wine is an art and a science”.