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Old 96 District State Parks: Perfect Vacation Spot

The Old 96 District is home to six state parks, and all six are on some body of water.  Special programming and camping deals are available yearly. One of the more interesting programs the state parks have is working with The Boy Scouts of America. The South Carolina State Parks have worked with the Boy Scouts of America for a long time. In fact, they have enjoyed a strong relationship since the early 20th century when scouts were formed and parks were developed. The new Scout Carolina program formalizes this partnership and provides a way for the participating scouts to be recognized for their accomplishments. Scout Carolina is a very popular program within the State Park system.

  • Another more successful program in the state park system is the Palmetto Campout, which invites families who have never camped before to learn more about camping with the help of a team of park rangers.
  • The State Park Service has also put more effort into setting rental rates based on supply and consumer demand. The Park Service now monitors visitation and occupancy on a daily basis and offers specials and discounts during lulls in reservations as an incentive to potential visitors.
  • The Old 96 District state parks have many scenic and natural trails, as well as fishing spots in either a lake or river for families to enjoy outdoor adventure together. Visitors can make a reservation at one of our state parks and enjoy our 4 million star accommodations!

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